Spring Break!

What a wonderful trip!!!! We took the kids to Orlando to visit Universal studios and Islands of Adventure. Then we drove to Miami and enjoyed a week on the Norwegian cruise ship. We went with our amazing friends the Adams family. This was a trip of a lifetime!!!

Jackson just loved the Jaws ride at Universal. The shark came out of the water next to Weston and he was very happy when the ride was over. We thought we would go make friends with the shark hanging up for display so Weston would not be scared anymore...

Weston was thrilled when he saw spongebob. We had to go get our picture with him. Jackson said he would only take one with spongebob...

Yes! Dallen went on the Little Woody Woodpecker Rollercoaster. He had a great time on that ride. He wanted to go again but decided to go on other rides. (Ha, Ha)

After 3 great day in Orlando, we drove to Miami to board our Ship. The Adams came with us. They helped make this the best vacation ever!!! Our first stop was Cozumel. We spent the day at a place called Club Cozumel. We snorkled and played in the sand all day. Of course we had to take a few moments to get in some shopping.

The water here was amazing. Dallen, Jackson and Weston could not stop jumping in.


Jackson and Dallen just playing with Jackson's hamster (speedy)

Jackson and his friends had a great time going out together.Jackson is in the front holding the white pillow case. His friend Stevie is the wolf,Quinten is the White ghost and Dylan is the Scream ghost. Poor Weston had just come down with strep throat. He made it to 4 houses then decided to come home!!! Weston is Jengo Fett from Star Wars. Mom and her friends Cheryl, Kara and Sarah have a lot of fun together. We just finished the Turkey trot run on Thanksgiving day we did 6 miles in 52 minutes!!!!(Way to go girls)

Brittaney surprised Austin

Austin's friend Brittaney came down from Indianapolis to visit Austin. She kept it a secret and he was speechless for 1 hour!!!!!!!!!

Dallen had 3 assists that game. They won 8-3.


Sophmore Homecoming King

Austin was nominated for Homecoming King. He didn't even tell me that he was nominated. He didn't think it was that big of a deal. When he escorted Hannah on the field he had a very big smile!!!

Jackon's cross country team!!!!!!

Jackson had a meet on October 16th.

Jackson received his first medal!!! He worked really hard on that race. It was 1.8 miles.

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Peterson come out for a visit. They watched Jackson's race.

Jackson has had such a great time running with his Harmony team this year. He is already talking about returning next year.